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Sand Angler
Angler Fish.png
Status Alive
Race Angler Fish
First Appearance
Debut Chapter 1

Sand Angler is a descendant of the Osteichthyes Anglerfish.


Sand Angler has the typical appearance of an Anglerfish, only instead of an antenna on its forehead, the Sand Angler has a palm tree. Its fins have also evolved so that they can be used more like feet, in order to move around in the desert.


Sand angler has adapted perfectly to its environment, evolving in ways that help it move around and hunt in a desert. It has also shown signs of intelligence, as it used its physical form to resemble an oasis, thus attracting its pray, waiting for the right timing to attack.


A Sand Angler had set a trap in the desert, pretending to be an oasis, which Delos fell for, thirsty as he was. As Delos rushed to dive into the oasis' waters, the Sand Angler closed its huge mouth, attempting to eat him, but Delos managed to barely avoid it. At that point, the Beetle Riders arrived and shot several harpoons, coated with poison, on the Sand Angler, killing it instantly. They, then, tied it up, along with Delos and Prome, and dragged it to their city.