Gigantomakhia Wiki
Status Alive
Race Khaa
Gender ♀ Female
First Appearance
Debut Chapter 1

Prome is a mysterious girl accompanying Delos.


Prome is a relatively short girl with big blue eyes and long blond hair flowing on her back, decorated with a violet comb and a stripe with flowers of the same color. She wears a pale yellow dress with white shoulder pads, that resemble wings, and white boots that go up to her knees.


Prome has a serious expression and seems rather calm, no matter the situation. She is straightforward in speaking her mind and has shown a lack of shame, casually offering Delos a peak under her dress.



Delos is Prome's "Ergolavos"(contractor). The two are connected with a special bond and seem to get along quite well. Prome cares for Delos, as she covered him using her own body when the crowd was throwing stuff on him and later was worried when he had to face a formidable opponent.


Prome is very observant and is quick to deduce the dangers in her surrounding. She also has some knowledge about the recent history and the tribes that are dominant, which allows her to act accordingly.

Prome can also heal extensive wounds with magic. It is so far unclear, whether her urinary "nectar" actually has healing properties or not.

Prome has the ability to shrink herself to lessen energy consumption(which indicates that she might be an android or something similar). The ability literally makes her go back in age, even becoming a baby. Shrinking does not seem to reduce her intelligence or cognitive abilities


Prome is introduced riding on Delos' back through a desert, when they come across something that resembles an oasis. Just as Delos dives in to relieve his thurst, however, Prome notices it is the maw of a creature called Sand Angler. At that point the Beetle Riders of the desert arrive, kill the creature and take Prome and Delos hostage. The two are taken to the city of a "Myuu" (demi-human) tribe, where they are received with extreme hostility. After entering the city, at which Prome seems fascinated, they are taken into an arena. Prome gets tied on a stick, while Delos faces a local warrior.