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Ogun Portrait.png
General Information
Affiliation Scarabaei
Occupation Warrior
Status Alive
Race Demi-Human
Gender ♂ Male
First Appearance
Debut Chapter 1

Ogun is a Scarabaei warrior.


Ogun is a tall Demi-Human that has the appearance of a normal Scarabei being.


Ogun likes to fight. He showed a lot of contempt and hostility towards the Hyuu, for ravaging and invading his people-The Myuu. This was the reason for his hostility towards Delos and Prome, though more for the former. Despite being tribalistic in nature, he has shown a sense of honour, such as when he praised Delos' capacity for fighting against him and even being friendly towards him after his(Ogun's) defeat.

He pocessses deep loyalty and devotion for his people and beliefs. He highly regards The Patriach of the Scarabei and their primordial deity. When informed of the The Empire's attack, he preferred to perish in the attempt to save their God rather than flee, as the Scarabei's lives are dependant on the Divine.

He is not irrational and he accepted the offer to spare the empire's retreating forces in exchange for a better future.


The Patriach appears to the overall leader/elder of the Scarabei, or could be a grand priest. Ogun respects him with all his heart. He dislikes disrespect towards The Patriach


Ogun is very strong and is stated to be the strongest man in his tribe. He can hit with great force, which can be lethal for an ordinary person.



  • Ogun's name comes from Ogun of the Yoruba Religion. Ogun is the Yoruba warrior god and god of metalwork, which is emphasized in Ogun's physicality and hardened skin.