Status Alive
Race Demi-Humans
First Appearance
Debut Chapter 1

The Demi-Humans are a group, originally human, that have evolved to adapt in their environment after the great destruction, developing aminal-like characteristics.


A Demi-Human resembles an ordinary human overall, but also has extra features, obtain through years of evolution. Those features are usually those of animals or insects, like antennae, hardened skin etc.

Style Of LivingEdit

The Demi-Humans are divided into smaller tribes, according to their appearance. Their means for survival is based on the symbiosis with the animals they share characteristics with.


Demi-human tribes seem to cooperate closely with each other and have strong bonds. They, also, have respect and care for the animals they share their environment with. However, the Demi-Humans share a mutual hatred for the Humans, for yet unknown reasons.


The first Demi-human tribe introduced was the Scarabaei. A patrol unit of the tribe, called the Beetle Riders found Delos and Prome wandering in the desert, apprehended them and dragged them to their city. After demonstrating their hatred towards them, for being human, the Scarabei threw Delos and Prome into the city's arena, where they had to fight against their prime warrior, Ogun. Although Ogun was strong, Delos managed to defeat him eventually.


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