Gigantomakhia Wiki
General Information
Occupation Unknown
Status Alive
Race Human
Gender ♂ Male
First Appearance
Debut Chapter 1

Delos is a "Hyuu" (human), and the main protagonist of the series.


Delos is a medium sized, bulky but extremely muscular man, with medium length black hair. He wears a plain sleeveless shirt, shaggy pants, tacked inside bandages that are wrapped around his feet and an armband on each arm. On top of that, Delos sports a hooded cloak.


Delos seems to be a rather humble,kind and respectful person,in fact he always talks to Prome with a courteous tone. He has also demonstrated to be easily embarassed when certain topics are involved,such as when Prome shamelessly offers him the chance to take a peak under her skirt or when she urinates above his head in order to heal his wounds after the fight with Ogun. He likes to fight dangerously, as in fights, he takes hits directly, instead of dodging. He loves the style, despite Prome's dislike of it, calling it- "foolish". He has also shown to have a very sensitive side when he made sure to let the soldiers of the empire escape without facing the wrath of the inhabitants of the desert for all the destruction they previously caused.




Delos is a formidable fighter. Despite his build, he is swift in blocking or avoiding his enemy, but also able to land powerful attacks. He uses his mind when fighting, which enables him to use his opponents flaws against them. His fighting style resembles that of free style wrestlers.


Delos was introduced walking through a desert, along with his companion Prome. At some point, they came across something resembling an oasis and Delos, thirsty as he was, rushed to jump into the water, only to find out that the desert was actually a Sand Angler. The creature tried to eat Delos, but he barely made it out of his maw.

It was then, when the Beetle Riders arrived. Apparently, Delos was looking for them, but they reacted with hostility, tied Delos and Prome up. along with the Sand Angler they killed, and dragged them to their city.

When they arrived there, they realized that this was a city of Demi-Humans. Delos, being a human himself, was unwelcome and mistreated. He and Prome were taken to an arena, where he would have to face Ogun, a champion of the tribe. Ogun was very strong and even managed to land some hits on Delos, but eventually, Delos defeated him, using his own weight against him, knocking Ogun to the ground.