Chapter 1
Chapter 1
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Volume Number 1
Chapter Number 1
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Release Date 22 November, 2013
Pages 44
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On a desert, Prome, whilst standing on Delos' shoulders, walking on the vast desert. While the two are having their conversation, Delos spots an Oasis and charges towards it but Prome tells him that it might be a mirage; but Delos jumps in it nevertheless and exclaims that it's real, but it turns out to be the maw of the creature called Sand Angler. Then from afar, arrows pierce the Sand Angler which comes from the Beetle riders of the desert. Delos tried talking to them, but the two were captured and dragged along with the massive sand beast.

Along the way, Prome were amazed by the wings of the beetles, and Delos expresses his amusement on the large insect nest that he initially thought as a mountain. As the two conversed along the way, they caught the attention of the Bug Wrangling Clan; Prome goes on explaining that Delos' tribe, the "Hyuu" encroach on the demi-human tribe, "Myuu", as the demi-humans continuously aiming at the two of them.

Still held captive, the two reach an arena. Ogun then steps in, then questions Delos why he trespassed the desert, why he came to their land and if he is one of the empire's dogs. The roaring crowd expresses their desire to kill Delos, whilst Prome is being tied to a pole. Delos is freed from his restrains, and were given a spear. Ogun tells Delos that it would be easy to toss him on the sand crabs, but no one would be satisfied with that, so he states that he will shatter the Hyuu with his fists, and would behead Prome after, when Delos can no longer move. However, Delos states he doesn't need the spear and strips his clothing, which amuses Ogun. Delos asks for water afterwards and tells Ogun to mark Delos' name on his heart, the name that he's going to kill.

The two warriors engage on their brawl, with Delos doing his best to defend himself on Ogun's mighty blows. With the crowd roaring and wanting the Hyuu to be dead, Ogun is about to deliver his last punch to crush his opponent, but Delos were able to dodge, grab Ogun on his arm and grapple him. Ogun plans to hit Delos with his elbow, but the Hyuu manages to get past on the back of his massive opponent, lift him and drop him on the ground, head first. The feat surprises the crowd, especially Ogun, but Delos only talks back, telling Ogun to get up and strike him with all of his anger and pride.

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